Why choose our app for your journey ?

We are the most complete translation tool for every languages in the world. You can translate anytime and anywhere using our databases for free.

We are unique

One app for two earbuds

Don't need to install app on everybody's phone. Just share one of your earbuds and start a conversation

No phone distraction

Face-to-face conversation without distraction from the phone or the app

Anywhere and anytime

With offline resources, you can start a conversation at anytime and anywhere

Everything is automatic

Don't need to setup anything. Just connect your earbuds and start a conversation

It's close to natural

The translation results are closer to everyday human language

All Features in one app

All the stuff you need and none that you don’t, makes this a must have app.


Talking face-to-face with anyone using our earbuds, this is truly hands-free


Talk to deaf or speechless people using our sign language recognition technology


Translate text on any image easily and quickly

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Write whatever you think and translate


Learn English easily wherever and whenever.


Learn English in a more fun way

Conversation Features

It's efficient, reliable, and friendly

It translates any languages in an instant and gives the results for you in text or audio through your phone speaker or earbuds, depends on your choice

Menurut saya aplikasi ini lebih efektif dan efisien.


Sangat bagus dan memudahkan kita kalo mau berbicara dengan orang asing. 

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